“Your firm has been of great help to my sister and I in the handling of our parents’  estate.  I can testify to your integrity, dedication and discipline in the handling of affairs. You have removed a lot of burden from us and we honestly appreciate all you have done.

I wish your firm continuous  progress and will definitely recommend you to others.”

Dr. (Mrs.) V.Y. Savage-Olusola

The Firm of Obafunke & Co. (Advocates & Solicitors) had diligently intermediated for our company/Directors in a number of cases. It is instructive to note that their firm has helped in averting decisions that would have turned out to be disasters. We find them legally professional and detailed and would assertively recommend their firm times and times over.

Abimbola Oladapo


My siblings and I had the great opportunity to connect with Obafunke Akinkugbe & Co and specifically worked with Mrs. Yetunde Fawehinmi. She was invaluable and really helped us through a difficult time. The case involved multiple parties and the overwhelming emotions that come with that could have put us over the edge at any time, but she kept us grounded.

Residing in the United States, I was careful to ensure we retained the highest quality law firm with a known reputation which operated with integrity. I was not disappointed, and in many regards, Mrs. Fawehinimi exceeded our expectations.  Conducting trans-continental business could have been a logistical nightmare, even with technology, but our transactions, communications and business matters were handled with the utmost efficiency. She walked us through the entire process and kept us updated throughout. I tend to micromanage and consume myself with details, but within the first week of working with this company, it was clear that I was working with a team of professionals. She listened to my concerns with undivided attention and most importantly, she answered all of my questions, no matter how trivial (even on the weekend).  Never once did I feel that I was “left in the dark” or blindsided. I highly recommend them and would certainly use them again if the need arises.

Ms Yewande Okunoren-Meadows 

Our company has been working with Obafunke Akinkugbe & Co. for about 10 years.  We can never remember a time where our best interests were not served.  We have settled cases when we needed to and fought them when we wanted to; always with a positive outcome.

Good advice and no surprises is what you want from a legal representative, and that is exactly what Obafunke Akinkugbe & Co. has delivered to us time and again. Our relationship has been very rewarding.  Our company continues to trust Obafunke Akinkugbe & Co’s extensive legal experience and we are yet to be disappointed.  Through honest, direct communication and quick response, we have an understanding and comfort that all matters are handled effectively and efficiently.

Dr. Soji Akinkugbe



I thank you for your company’s exceptional effort and diligence in completing the sale successfully.

Baroness Margaret Lola Young

I have been using the Firm of Obafunke Akinkugbe for the past 30 years and more and found them competent, effective, and reliable Barristers and Solicitors.

Not once have I had to question their judgment or advice nor at any time had cause to ask or demand any explanation of financial dealings that they have carried out on my behalf, which are not in my interest.
I would recommend the Firm to anyone needing their services.

I have no doubt that they will give them the satisfaction and efficiency of service that I have been privileged to enjoy all these years.

Dr. Olayinka Koso-Thomas

I was attracted to the law company by its founder no less. She was late Chief Mrs Obafunke Akinkugbe
Her glowing character embraced all that stood for integrity in professionalism, as regarding the practice of law in Nigeria.
Her juniors and associates in the chambers exhibited same passion for the practice.
I made sure that my family, both nuclear and extended, pitched tents with the law firm as far as seeking solution to legal matters went.
For over twenty years the firm served us creditably, promptly and happily.
Currently the company introduced innovative “products”, aimed at giving more value to service the clients.
Under the current leadership of Mrs. Yetunde Fawehinmi, the tradition of excellence prevades the delivery of services to their clients as per my experience of the company in areas of estate + property & litigation portfolios.
Whenever I visited the company unannounced often and I met satisfied clients regularly, who were pursuing briefs with the company in other areas of legal practice.
All members of staff are very courteous, able, ready and willing to make your day happy.
I certainly will patronize the company indefinitely, whilst introducing new clients at every available opportunity.

Maxwell Olubode Thorpe

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